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L'Organaro features a proven record of 47 years' experience in the electronic organ industry. L'Organaro is the only SA company who operates a company-owned, full-time service workshop. Situated in Johannesburg, and in association with our Cape Town based workshop, we are competent to provide service coverage nationwide.

We are committed to dynamic, excellent service and relationships with our musical instrument clients - be they amateurs, professionals, music schools, churches or institutions. It is our honour and obligation to offer an unparalelled package second to none, covering all issues in our field. This policy has given us the competitive edge in the SA market.

Although other SA based organ importers tried to obtain Content distribution for SA, L'Organaro has been appointed as the official distributor for SA in 1999, as a result of the extended years of experience and quality of our services. Content Organs, based in Ermelo, the Netherlands, was the first Dutch organ company to introduce digital classical organs and have shipped a large number of organs into the African continent. Content is dedicated to offer top of the line musical and technical value, featuring a 5 year warranty on electronics, etc. As with other products, there are certain exclusions of course, e.g. acts of God.

We still believe the original pipe organ to be the king of instruments in those churches with favourable acoustics. Provided a church has the funds and the acoustics, a pipe organ is the best choice. Please see the link on our website for SA based pipe organ manufacturers and/ or service stations as well.

Should the pipe organ for whatever reason be obsolete, a Content organ and L'Organaro may be your best choice, though. Through the years, the Content digital classical organ has reached an unbelievable level of natural sound and reliability, as a result of digital sampling (recording original pipe organs in Europe).

We offer professional installations and are dedicated to realise the best possible instrument with the appropriate sound system for an even distribution of the sound in the church. Similar to pipe organ manufacturers, we like to see the size of the church, being the basic criteria of how many stops one would need. It is always better to offer an instrument with a little less stops, but combined with an excellent sound system. We have expierienced in the past that certain sound systems have no longlife, due to the fact that area's in SA with a high sealevel are not suitable. For your perusal, we have a list of satisfied references available.

Content Organs (Content in the Dutch language means "tevreden" = satisfied) are shipping to well over 60 countries worldwide on all continents of the globe. (In this listing we do not count provinces/states as some other organ dealers do). Content organs are shipped in compliance with all local laws and requirements.

Content organs are also meeting regulations regarding radio interference and have been thoroughly tested by appropriate governmentally controlled laboratories like KEMA and Nationaal Lucht en Ruimtevaartkundig Institute in The Netherlands and therefore meet all national and international standards.

Early in 2009, Content Organs opened a new factory being three times the size of the previous premises. Content has enjoyed a stable growth, resulting in a solid justification of a major expansion of our localities. The all new factory is offering larger production and up to date showroom facilities, where the main showroom has a natural reverb of close to four seconds.

Content organs are fully solid state digital organs, featuring up to date sampling technology. Original pipe organ stops are digitally recorded and stored in the computer memory of the organ to reproduce a realistic and traditional character. Content organs feature high quality consoles in various styles and presentations, with an extensive use of solid woods available in different stains of your personal choice.

New Content Factory

In order to meet the mechanical touch of a pipe organ keyboard, Content organs offer several qualities of keyboards, including an entirely handmade keyboard with magnetic tracker system. (Counter poled magnets create the true to original feeling of the key down). Content organs are also completely closed to keep any vermin out.

Content organs feature a built-in digital reverb system with 10 different reverb programs (10 characters of reverb due to different dimensions and acoustical properties of localities) and 31 volume settings directly from the console. Reverb dramatically enhances churches, auditoriums, homes, etc. with poor acoustic properties.

Content organs are the only organs on the market with the PCC (Personal Control Centre = build in computer) feature on board (no laptop required to do voicing, etc.). The PCC enables the organist to easily change the character of the organ to personal preferences and/or acoustical properties. The PCC allows easy access to Reverb, Transposer and Pitch A=440 down to 410 and up to 470.

New Content Factory's Entrance

Wind pressure may be set, as well as individual volume setting for each individual stop and each individual key of that stop. You may even access individual ranks in multi-rank stops like mixtures, etc. This is very useful for scaling and intonation purposes and everything is on board.

Four different organ characters are available so the organist may change to his personal choice and save his changes.

Nine different historical tunings built in, such as the Meantone, Werckmeister and Bach tuning.

Tremulant speed and depth control, dynamic contour and fluctuation can be adjusted.

All settings are on board - eliminating the use of a laptop!. Content Organs is the only organ manufacturer who have this PCC facility build into their organs from the series D4000.

New Content Factory 2009

Content Organs has developed their own sound generating system and is therefore independent of suppliers on the open market, as Content controls all aspects of production. Content Organs employs their own research and development engineers, allowing to have personal changes or preferences (like stop changes) easily implemented for an individual instrument.

In addition, Content is also producing instruments for other manufacturers and/or OEM components worldwide, used by local manufacturers unable to develop their own technology.

All Content organs are also subject to a 24 hour burn in period and 4 test procedures, meeting factory specifications, before any instrument may be shipped to a final destination on any continent worldwide.

Content Organs also produces custom organs built to personal preferences with pipe facades and special stops.

Build-in Voicing Computer

L'Organaro and W.Heuer Musikhaus, your number one partner in music, is also renting out organs for special events in churches, auditoriums or anywhere good pipe organ sound is required. Our organs have been used at events such as Songs Of Praise (Richard Kock), Beeld/NHK Children Fund, the Old Libertas Choir and the Libertas Theatre (Stellenbosch), GK 150 year anniversary of the Pretoria Town Hall, the Holland Choir, Martin Mans, Zorada Temmingh, etc.

Please feel free to contact us for a visit to our showrooms in Johannesburg and Stellenbosch, to play the Content organ range. We will be pleased to show you our listing and references of installations and our records of maintenance and services of our appreciated customers.

W.Heuer Musikhaus in Stellenbosch

W.Heuer Musikhaus in Stellenbosch